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Passing Joy

Passing Joy | The Abilities

Smile, and make people smile. That is the most important thing you can do. Just smile. A smile connotes happiness and joy. It is good and lightens the weight of the world. It creates positivity and peace.

Do you know someone in your life that needs to just smile? Someone who is knows the struggles of life too well. Someone with a lot going on and their reality seems to be dim. What can you do to brighten their lives? How can you pass joy to them to make them feel good?

It could be something as simple as a smile.


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Nature and Nurture

Nature vs. Nurture | The Abilities

Do you ever catch yourself thinking how similar you are to your parent or your colleagues? Do you ever stop to ask yourself why you are in the position you are in, reflect on who you are, or embrace where you have been?

You are a truly unique person with experiences unlike anyone else. Your makeup is complex, and you should know yourself well by now.

But who are you really, and why do you do what you do?

Nature and nurture is an age old debate explaining why people behave the way they do, whether it was what they were taught while growing up, or whether it is their natural ability.

While this debate is meaningful and well known, there is another variable in the debate. What if you are who you are because of your aspirations, your visions, and dreams? What if you are who you are because you spread your wings and created a new reality?

I call this nature, nurture, and “not me”. See, just because you were raised in an environment, or you are currently in a situation, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose, create, and change into who you want to be.

Think of yourself as an eagle. Eagles have a gift of vision. They have an advantage over other predators because they can see further. They can also soar higher than any other bird because of their wings. They spread their own wings and go where they want to go.
Truly majestic animals.

I defy you to defy gravity, and spread your own wings.


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Spread Your Wings

Spread your wings | The Abilities

What a magical moment – That moment when a baby bird finds its wings – The moment when freefalling turns to soaring – The moment when you experience that element of support in
your natural environment.

This is required to be able to explore. This is required to live your life to its
intended purpose.

See, the wings of the nurturer can only provide the necessities of life for so long. There will come a time when it is required of you to fly and find what you need.


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Unlock Your True Power

True Power | The Abilities
Unlock Your True Power | The Abilities

We all have our own version of living on the edge of adventure – saving the world from the ticking bomb of destruction – preventing the evils of the world from attacking our loved ones – revolutionizing humanity as we know it.

Sometimes our powers lay dormant under the mask of monotony, ego, self esteem, pride, current situations, mediocre thinking, or even just our day to day lives. So many people have the ability to add value onto the world, to live the life of impact, and create greatness.

But sometimes we just get stuck. Sometimes we need an awaking.

Well what if you could unlock your true power? What if you could tap into the superpowers you know you have? What does that actually take to reach your full potential and make a difference? Is it being challenged? Is it creating goals? Is it maintaining the high purpose? What is it that drives you to take action?

You need to investigate how to create that fire to your incredibly powerful potential. You know your talents, but how do you unleash them? You know your dreams, your passions, and your gifts. Tap into them, take heart, and try.


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The Difference Between Grace and Mercy

Grace or Mercy | The Abilities

Grace or Mercy | The AbilitiesGrace and mercy are two of the greatest gifts from God. For clarification, they are two very different things and important to distinguish. The difference between grace and mercy is that grace is the gift of freedom from the penalty of which we don’t deserve, and mercy is forgiveness from what we do deserve. For example, grace is not punishing a baby for crying, mercy is not punishing a man who chose to commit murder. Grace involves unconscious and unpreventable naivety, mercy involves conscious willing intent or conscious reluctant action through weakness.

Grace: Grace is not deserved. It is also not earned. Grace is a gift. It is an extension of patience and trust through our imperfect human nature.

Mercy: Mercy is the sparing of the harm or punishment one deserves for sin. Similar to grace, it is not earned, however, it is deserved. It is the moment one is given another chance even though everything points to guilt.


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Communication | The Abilities, J Reese Lasley

Communication | The Abilities, J Reese LasleyCommunication is the most important word in our known language. The ability to communicate is imperative. If we cannot communicate, we cannot exist. All living creatures have their own filters by which they interact. This can make communicating a blessing, or a curse. We must attune into our own and other’s senses, and use them to the best or our abilities to communicate effectually.

Our human consciousness of touch, taste, feelings, sight, hearing, thinking, smelling, and doing are the means to a purposeful life. These are all traits, learned and/or instinctual, which are essential to relationships, leadership, and your effectiveness. It is noteworthy here, that everyone is different and sees the world separately.

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YOU hold the abilities to achieve success

You Hold the Abilities - J Reese Lasley


There are many definitions, insights and interpretations of success; People place different perceptions on what they believe success means. E.g. money, quality time, happiness, helping others, a good job, roles, family, heaven, health, a big house, a nice car, friends, etc.

Success, in its fundamental construal, is simple. It is really just getting what you want.

The problem is, is that many people don’t really know what they want, and if people do know what they want, they don’t know why they want it, how to get it, or even believe that they can have it.
This book defines the abilities to help you get what you want, from desire to legacy.


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Who are you?

Who Are You? | TheAbilities

Who Are You?Who are you, really? What do you really, really, really, really, really, really want? REALLY! Define it. What drives you? What is your purpose? What makes you, you? What impact do you want to leave? How do you want people to think of you? How do you want to think of yourself? What makes you happy? What do you like to do? What is your passion? What are your fears? How do you want to contribute to society? How do you want to change the world? How can you affect the greatest number of people in the greatest way? Why do you do what you do now?

Who – Are – You?


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Here’s to the best of your abilities

Your Abilities | J Reese Lasley - The Abilities

Your Abilities | J Reese Lasley - The AbilitiesWhat are your implied abilities?

To set goals | To focus on what you want | To realize your purpose | To soul-seek | To find your reason why | To envision | To develop a passion | To see it through | To gain endurance | To remind | To cling on to what you want | To create | To have a positive mindset | To change | To take the journey | To start somewhere | To learn | To overcome fear | To be new | To adapt | To grow | To live | To experience | To build | To thrive | To chase your dreams | To find | To sustain | To measure | To manifest | To create | To manage risk | To risk | To chase | To weigh opportunity costs | To determine worth | To be smart | To measure | To find | To sustain | To think | To make a decision | To understand probability and impact | To choose | To take action | To do | To experience | To work | To have a mission | To create results | To manifest | To apply | To list | To fly | To determine precedence of priority | To earn | To understand worth | To honor | To appreciate | To understand why | To get to the next level | To be considerate | To be grateful | To be humble | To face adversity | To prepare | To handle conflict | To fight | To protect | To become stronger | To figure it out | To know worth | To retaliate | To solve | To build endurance | To overcome | To find integrity | To do the right thing | To trust | To sacrifice | To live up to your word | To uphold reputation | To under promise and over deliver | To take ownership | To set realistic expectations | To manage resources | To control | To accept what you cannot control | To coordinate | To get the job done | To think creatively | To realize external and internal abilities | To manage | To use | To communicate | To be competitive | To diversify | To mitigate risk | To hedge | To multiply | To be different | To win | To care | To unite | To work with | To leverage | To build relationships | To use strengths | To understand relativity | To help others get what they want in conjunction with what you want | To teach | To lead | To add value to others | To help others help you | To attain an EQ and an IQ | To leverage | To be an example | To give | To be mindful | To follow | To help | To be wise | To nurture | To lead | To understand ethics | To internalize other’s motives | To choose between the lesser of evils | To attempt to find constructive solutions for all stakeholders | To be true | To have high moral standards | To communicate | To attune to senses | To listen | To understand | To get a point across | To be clear and concise | To relate | To avoid failure | To find success | To try | To choose to win | To face trials and tribulations | To take a chance | To learn to set boundaries | To understand law, grace and mercy | To comprehend the results of sin | To know what is right and wrong | To feel good | To forgive | To give more chances | To not judge | To be just | To learn improvement and excellence | To advance | To progress | To do your best | To continually become better | To defeat the status quo | To break records | To retain information | To process information | To learn lessons | To portray faith, hope and love | To hunt | To seek | To pursue | To understand sozo | To have best intentions | To be pure | To see the light | To have positive expectations | To continue | To retain | To agree | To find balance & health | To keep things in perspective | To work on multiple goals simultaneously | To build a foundation | To not burn out | To have priorities | To be well-rounded | To be healthy | To not impede | To live in moderation | To know your limits | To get what you want without giving something up | To get your reward | To be successful | To accomplish | To achieve | To get what you want | To celebrate | To feel proud | To continue the journey | To build upon your success | To give back | To reproduce | To re-create | To produce fruit | To have mission and purpose | To recycle | To support life | To reciprocate | To choose a recipient | To teach | To testify | To leave an impact | To be a legacy | To make memories | To not burden | To continue blessings | To make a positive difference | To affect | To leave your mark