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The Mind Makes a Good Slave, But Not a Good Master

The Mind Makes a Good Slave But a Poor Master | The Abilities

People are mostly reactive to the events in their lives, rather than controlling their mind, emotions and actions.

We think – a lot. We have an innumerate amount of thoughts that pass through our brains on a day-to-day basis, especially in today’s day in age. But too often, we let our thoughts control the way we feel, rather than determining how we are going to feel by compartmentalizing our minds. We overanalyze life circumstances, and that drives our emotions.

This get’s dangerous when many negative events in life continually occur. When the coin keeps flipping to the wrong side, and luck doesn’t seem to be on one’s side, then life becomes a cycle of negativity. We can get overwhelmed by the amount of negativity. Then before we know it, those thoughts created other similar thoughts and we end up in a rabbit hole of hardship, bad energy, and feeling enslaved.

This life isn’t always far, but instead of being controlled by our life circumstances, we need to learn how to master our minds to control how we want to feel, how we handle situations, and how overcome gracefully. We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we choose to handle them and move forward.


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