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Motivational Speaker | J Reese Lasley
Do you want to be published in our next The Abilities “Success Stories” book? Submit your story now!

If you have a story to tell about an ability (or abilities) that you have embraced on your journey and have a desire to share it with the world, we will work with you to publish the story to our audience!
We want you to tell the world what makes you extraordinary, what abilities that you have, and what impact you have made on your community, your life, and/or your environment. We want you to be able to connect with and help others in the process by joining our network of like-minded individuals who are striving, constantly discovering, dreaming, earning, acting, changing, improving, reaching, empowering, surviving, hoping, loving, helping, giving, achieving and truly living.

Our proof readers and editors will read and review your story. If it fits our purpose and mission, we will reach out to you with the process for get you published and shared on our marketing channels!