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What Happens When You Give

What Happens When You Give | The Abilities

Remarkably, there is only one thing that is actually more rewarding than the reward itself – giving back. Just as reproduction is the key to life, so is re-creation to success.

Imagine yourself as an apple tree. When we start your journey you plant your seed. Overtime, as you grow, your roots spread and you built your groundwork. You find your nutrients and eventually you sprout with substance. You grow more, experienced your environment and when the season is right, you begin to bloom. Eventually, you produced fruit. These fruits and blessings now have given you the ability of mission and purpose from which the world (and also you) can benefit from.

There are many different types of trees and many different types of fruits. Different trees offer different blessings. Every one is unique. Gifts are wonderful. Gifts are positive. They are recognized by peace, happiness, growth, patience, kindness, gentleness and love. So, I ask you, what fruit do you bear and how are you identified by it? How do you contribute value to the world? How can you (and do you) give back?

Just because you nail an apple to a fencepost, doesn’t mean that it is a fruit tree. Even though it meets the requirements of wood in the ground and it is holding up fruit, it is missing one important thing — the ability to reproduce. The continuance of giving is necessary to your growth and your growth is necessary to your giving.
If you are not growing you’re dying. Therefore, give the gift of giving. We have all heard the saying that you can give a horse some water and fulfill its thirst, but if you lead a horse to water, you will help it drink for a lifetime.


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