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Newness | The Abilities

The majority of people try to avoid change because it makes them feel uncomfortable. People become stagnant through all the knowns, rituals and similarities. While it is good to find what rings true to your heart and what you like, I challenge you to get out of your box as well. Build on top of the things that you hold onto and experience the blessing of newness.


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Cling On to What You Want

Cling On to What You Want

Cling to what you want, because it won’t be easy. You shouldn’t want your goals to be easy. If they were easy, everyone would have it and would be doing it. If it were easy, it would not be worth as much to you when you achieve it. This is where holding onto faith and hope becomes a necessary ingredient to your success. You always need to face adversity with faith, hope & love.


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Dreams to Fill

Dreams to Fill | The Abilities

“What do you want to be?” a boy asked a man. The man chuckled and replied with an open heart, “A child again. To dream the dreams of childhood. To see the visions of far shores and trees, for I am a man with a dream fulfilled, and I am not complete. I’ve sung the songs, I’ve played the tunes. My heart has felt the beat. I felt the flutter of a butterfly wing against my summer cheek. If now I am asked ‘what will you be?’ I will be it all. I will climb more mountains, I will cross more creeks. My hands will touch the sky. I will sing, I will build, I will share my love, all before I die.

So, if now I am asked ‘what will you be?’ I will be it all. More dreams to fill, for I am not complete.


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Audacity and Naivety are a dangerous combination

Audacity and Naivety are a dangerous combination | The Abilities

There is intrinsic risk with everything that you do, and it is really hard to tell the future. Wherever you go and whatever you do have a certain level of positive or negative impact on your life. Of course we all hope for the positive, but the truth is, is that there are always issues that arise. There are always unforeseen conditions. As much as exploring and being opportunistic can open up new doors, you have to be very mindful not to take too much risk. Jumping into high of risk ventures, without having prior knowledge or experience, can be like jumping into murky jungle waters. You just don’t always know what can be under the surface.

Make sure you understand your risk portfolio. You need to take calculated risks, so that in the event the worst case occurs, you are able to weather the storm. You audacity is your risk meter. It is indicative of how much risk you are able and willing to take. Nativity mixed with high risk can put you in a really bad situation.

Always try to be forward thinking, try to be proactive about resolving issues before they occur, and don’t over leverage yourself. When those unforeseen issues do arise, stay strong and be creative with dealing with risks that have high loss potential.


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Purpose | The Abilities

It is amazing when people create, take action to execute their hopes and dreams, and strive for what they really want out of life. The people who actually take that chance are the ones finding their true potential. Those who don’t, just live to get by. If you live for purpose, however, you will be one of those who finds success.


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Ears, Eyes and Heart.

Ears, Eyes and Heart | The Abilities

So many times, people exist in the realm of the “external” – of everything they can hear or see in their environment; So many people are taken control of by their external environment. They are reacting to the events happening to them, instead of creating their reality by starting within – especially in times of despair.

So few people look inside. So few people realize the power within themselves. They forget to listen to their king, their heart, and their feelings.

Life can get chaotic at times. There is just so much information coming at you on a daily basis. But, what if you could filter that information, and look within first. What if you could decide how YOU want to feel and how YOU want to be, no matter what happens to you?

This is strength and this is self-control.

The point is, instead of starting with your eyes and your ears, use your internal compass as your guide. Stop the stress. Stop the negativity. It is not worth your time. The only one who can help you, is you, and you know that.


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Susceptibility to Hearing

Susceptibility to Hearing | The Abilities

In order to truly understand one another you have to be susceptible to speaking – and to listening. Remember, communication is a two-way street.

Especially, you have to be susceptible to hearing – actually hearing. Not just using your ears to hear frequencies, but actually understanding and comprehending what is being communicated.

So many people don’t listen. They think they listen, but many times, people have a hard time relating to others because they don’t receive the information that is being communicated.

See, speaking is simple, because you know and understand yourself. It is very easy to say something or speak to how you feel. It is where most people operate – on their one-way street.

However, listening is much more challenging for the majority of people. What is ironic is that the communicator forgets about the communicated to. Sometimes people just talk without understanding what they say or how they say it impacts others.

Furthermore, the majority of people forget to open up their ears and hearts to the other party. Sometimes it is due to perception, sometimes it is distraction. Either way, it is an intrinsic problem with our society today. People don’t understand others.

I invite you and challenge you to take the time to sit down with another person and investigate THEIR situation. Hear, listen, understand, explore, and try to have sympathy and empathy for the other person. Really listen. Yes, your world is important, but opening your perspective to another can open up a lot of doors. There is a lot of value in the space between.


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Being Genuine

Being Genuine | The Abilities

Knowing your authentic self is the first step to understanding who you are and what makes you fulfilled. You are unique, and you are special. There is no one else in the world like you.

You should understand your heart so well that all of your decisions and actions flow from your best interest and highest good, at all times.

A lot of people get into challenging predicaments because they aren’t true to themselves. They go along with something that doesn’t align with their energy and greatest power. They compromise or sacrifice who they are under certain circumstances because they are not being genuine.

Being genuine is truly looking inside and understanding your power within.


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Isolation’s Cause

Isolation's Cause | The Abilities

Stop living a life of isolation when you reach your fears. It’s not healthy. You’d actually be surprised with how many people have been through what you’ve been through. Your sins and struggles are very real, but so are so many others’. Everyone needs help in some point in their life to get through their hardships.

It is our human nature to coexist with others. People need to feel as though they are connected to others. People that become ashamed, isolate themselves. They prevent others from getting to know who they really are and put up a wall of fake realities to try to make it appear as though everything is okay. Well nobody promised you the rose garden didn’t have thorns. It is not all perfect. Accept that and stop living a lie.

We can’t stop the beast, but what we can do, is stop hiding. Everyone has something going on in his or her life. Everyone has a story to tell.

So much more pain just comes with hiding your sin, rather than facing it boldly, being honest to yourself and others, and overcoming your withholdings. See, sin can beget sin. Sin also can paradoxically create blessings if people can overcome the sin. It is very easy to get caught up in a downward spiral of sin and negativity. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let go of your pride, turn the other cheek and choose to be positive.

However most people fear vulnerability – because if people really knew who they were, they wouldn’t be accepted.

Well that may be true is some cases, but what is important is finding the people in your life that you can lean into and trust. Find the people that can be a sounding board and lend a hand when you need it and not turn back around and use it against you (and vice versa).

Therefore, you need to be real with yourself and others. You need to be able to protect yourself and do your best to protect others as well. Treat people as you wish to be treated. This is the Golden Rule. If everyone could stick to that, the world would be a better place. However, people are different, people don’t always have a common purpose and people have different timelines. Working together can be a blessing and a curse. Either way, we have to stop living a lie.