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Ears, Eyes and Heart.

Ears, Eyes and Heart | The Abilities

So many times, people exist in the realm of the “external” – of everything they can hear or see in their environment; So many people are taken control of by their external environment. They are reacting to the events happening to them, instead of creating their reality by starting within – especially in times of despair.

So few people look inside. So few people realize the power within themselves. They forget to listen to their king, their heart, and their feelings.

Life can get chaotic at times. There is just so much information coming at you on a daily basis. But, what if you could filter that information, and look within first. What if you could decide how YOU want to feel and how YOU want to be, no matter what happens to you?

This is strength and this is self-control.

The point is, instead of starting with your eyes and your ears, use your internal compass as your guide. Stop the stress. Stop the negativity. It is not worth your time. The only one who can help you, is you, and you know that.


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