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Susceptibility to Hearing

Susceptibility to Hearing | The Abilities

In order to truly understand one another you have to be susceptible to speaking – and to listening. Remember, communication is a two-way street.

Especially, you have to be susceptible to hearing – actually hearing. Not just using your ears to hear frequencies, but actually understanding and comprehending what is being communicated.

So many people don’t listen. They think they listen, but many times, people have a hard time relating to others because they don’t receive the information that is being communicated.

See, speaking is simple, because you know and understand yourself. It is very easy to say something or speak to how you feel. It is where most people operate – on their one-way street.

However, listening is much more challenging for the majority of people. What is ironic is that the communicator forgets about the communicated to. Sometimes people just talk without understanding what they say or how they say it impacts others.

Furthermore, the majority of people forget to open up their ears and hearts to the other party. Sometimes it is due to perception, sometimes it is distraction. Either way, it is an intrinsic problem with our society today. People don’t understand others.

I invite you and challenge you to take the time to sit down with another person and investigate THEIR situation. Hear, listen, understand, explore, and try to have sympathy and empathy for the other person. Really listen. Yes, your world is important, but opening your perspective to another can open up a lot of doors. There is a lot of value in the space between.


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