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Faith, Hope and Love

Of all the abilities mentioned in this book, none reach the echelon of faith, hope and love. They are intertwined in everything you do and they are the energy for all abilities. Faith and hope have propelled you to where you are. Love is the reason why you did it.

Faith, hope and love are the beginning and the end. With them you have purpose. Without them you never would have had the desire or the vision in the first place. You wouldn’t have acted on your dream. You never would’ve changed. You would’ve been stagnant. You never would have had to manage your risk because you never would’ve had the audacity to take the risk. At no time would you have earned anything because there would be nothing worth earning.

Needless to say, you never would have overcome adversity or learned the value of integrity. You never would have acquired and managed resources to reach your goal. Your portfolio would not be as diversified. You never would have comprehended the meaning of ethics or learned to communicate effectively. You never would have grown from failure. You wouldn’t understand the difference between law, grace and mercy. You wouldn’t have aimed for improvement or excellence. You wouldn’t have anything to balance. What reward would you have? What could you give back? There would be a slight impact, but no legacy. In other words, what have you if you have not faith, hope and love? They are the root and the fruit.

Faith: Faith is trust. Faith is ability to believe in what is yet to be manifested. It is the moment of opportunity when you make a decision to follow your desire. Faith is knowing anything can be done. Miracles happen when faith is apparent and faith is confirmed by the miracles. It is the belief that helps you take the first step and gives you the ability to figure it out along the way. Belief is more powerful than technical aptitude. If you believe you can do something, it is achievable. Faith will give you the belief, belief will give you the ability to try and trying will help you solve the technicalities.

Hope: Hope is holding onto positive expectations. It is knowing that there is something better. It is assurance. It is the overcoming of fear and all resistance. It is encouragement. It is strengthening. It is the moment when you are dealing with uncertainty but continue to fight the battle. It is the foundation of the mission and the purpose. It is the seeking of the end goal. It is the ability to see there is light even through all the darkness.  Hope is like a connection of tunnels that lead to the opening of a new world, a new reality.

Love: Love, over everything else is the greatest and ultimate ability. Love is the common denominator and the underlying universal truth. Love is giving yourself to others and accepting them for who they are. Love is the most profound word in our common language. Love itself can be a language. Love is giving. Love is charity. Love is creation. Love does not judge. Love does not hide. Love sustains. Love provides. Love is empathy. Love is caring. Love is the best intentions. Love is happiness. Love is compassion. Love is sacrifice for the greater good. Love is purity. Love is everything that is good.


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