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Don’t live in falsity and lies

People have a hard time being humble, letting go of their pride and bringing their less than ideal situations or mistakes to the light. People sometimes choose to live in the dark, especially if a situation could inflict pain on another party. What’s ironic is that the reason people lie is because they don’t want to hurt others or themselves, but they fail to recognize that the deceit is actually worse than the inequity. People can respect and work with someone who is willing to admit the cold hard truth and work toward improvement. On the contrary, people have a much harder time giving mercy to the person who lives in the long, drawn out falsity of sin.

Sin derives sin — and it quickly compounds negativity. It is a ticking bomb and the longer the sin compounds, the more exponential the blast. This downward spiral has the ability to impale your livelihood. Don’t get caught in this turbulence. If you are in it, get out as fast as you can. This is where the devil thrives and attacks. His forte is understanding your weaknesses and making you believe lies.


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