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If you are a book listener and you use Audible, then The Abilities Audible book is for you. This is a specifically formatted audiobook that integrates with the Audible app. Enjoy the audio narration by the Author, J. Reese Lasley while driving in your vehicle, relaxing at home, working out, or anytime you have your earphones in.

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Do you have the abilities to get what you want?

It is time for you to embrace your abilities.

Whatever you want, wants you! So, what do you really want, really? Where do you want to end up? Which door will you take? What abilities do you need to achieve success?

Success, in its fundamental construct, is simple. It is really just getting what you want. In other words, successful people use their abilities to get what they want.

Everybody has their own story, their own journey, and their own abilities. The problem is that many people don’t really know what they want. Of those people who do know what they want, many don’t know why they want it or how to get it — or even believe they can have it.

This book reveals the secrets, step-by-step instructions, lessons and best-practices you will need throughout your personal journey of success. This book will help you:

  • Realize your abilities
  • Achieve success
  • Get what you want, from desire to legacy

Use it to the best of your abilities.



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